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    About Us

    Home Care is an online marketing company of Odisha handloom Sarees ,based in Bhubaneswar, the state capital of Odisha, dealing with different designs, motifs, colours and varieties of ethnic and traditional female attire with authentically designed famous Hand-woven Sarees of Odisha region for the discerning international buyers.

    It is not only a marketing company but also the preacher of rich weaving heritage of Odisha and the platform for the local handloom weavers to build relationship with the international buyers. The Company is intended to popularise and to revive the ethnic fashion of Odisha for wider international customer base. It has promised to give humble service and deliver quality products in due times to the costumers.

    It is also working in partnership with a NGO named PalliSanjivani to strengthen the socio- economic and cultural status of the rural weavers and to enhance their skills to compete with the current trend of fashion and updated dressing sense of costumers. Through this social intervention process the company has intended to uplift the economic status of the weaver families, upgrade the identity of the skilled weavers and craftsmen and uphold the unique patterns of handlooms in the world market.

    PalliSanjivani collects handloom products from different weaving clusters of Odisha like cotton famous areaBarpalli and Bijepur, silk famous area Sambalpur, Bargarh, Sonpur, Padampur, ,Manamunda and Sergipalli of western Odisha. It purchases quality materials directly from skilled weavers and supplies to the customers in reasonable rates through Home Care.


    The Pasapalli saree with its distinctive black-and-white squares is a replica of the chessboard. Equally fascinating are the names; Vichitrapuri, Chandrika, Nabagunja, Asman Tara and Krishnapriya. The earlier yarns of coarse cotton have been replaced with fine cotton, silks, Tussar and a cotton-silk mix called 'Bapta'. Gold thread and tissues are also used to enhance the patterns.


    Here, the yarn is first tied in portions, and each section is dyed in a different colour according to the design. When woven, the designs emerge, and the special feature is that the design is prominent on both sides of the fabric. This is a very complicated process and it is rather amazing to find that the traditional weavers do not use any graphic designs on paper. The common motifs are borrowed from nature. Flowers, creepers, birds, animals are abundantly woven in myriad colours, all lending a distinct feature to the nine yards of woven wonder.

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