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    Ikkat or tie and dye fabrics, known as "Bandhas" in Odisha are recognized all over the country and abroad for their highly artistic designs, colour combinations and durability. Ikkat is a type of weaving in general terms. The weft or the warp or both are tie-dyed before weaving to create designs on fabric in this method. With exquisite colors and beautiful motifs, Ikkat sarees are considered as a magnum opus because each saree takes nearly seven months of craftsmanship. The traditional Ikkat sarees of Odisha are also referred to as double PatanPatola.The state of Odisha adopted the Ikkat weaving tradition; it is said, from the Patola area weavers of Gujarat. So confusingly enough, it's sometimes referred to as Odisha PatolaIkkat. I've found this to mean two distinctly different things, some use the Patola adjective to denote double Ikkat weaves, and others just to mean Ikkat weave. Ikkat patterning is done by first dying the threads according to the pattern layout. As the saree is woven the pattern emerges. It's never quite millimeter in sync giving it the delightful jagged look that bestows Ikkat work some of it's charm, as does it's bold geometric ornament, wide temple style borders all rendered in a uniquely Odisha tribal style.

    The cloth is super fine and densely woven, with a slight flannelly touch. Its density and border weight gives it a heavier drape that's a delight to wear. The quality Ikkats we procure in Odisha are exceptionally well-executed examples of the craft.

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